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Transition Lostwithiel


LostwithielClimate change and increasing energy costs will alter our way of life - how we work, shop, travel and live will need to adapt.

Transition Lostwithiel is about using our own creativity and talent to build a closer and more resilient community for everyone to enjoy. It's about making a transition from an unsustainable way of life to a sustainable one.

If you live in the local community, contact us to share your ideas or take part in projects. Join the mailing list to keep updated, or watch this space.


World Book Night 23rd April - Lostwithiel Community Centre is celebrating World Book Night. Bring your books to swap or donate on Wednesday April 23 between 5 and 8pm in the Cafe @ the centre which will be open for refreshments.

Wear your clothes inside out on April 24th - where was it made and who made your clothes?

Swish from 26th April - become a regular Swishette from Saturday April 26th 10-12 at the Community Centre. For £2 you can swap items of clothing from your wardrobe that you no longer wear, don’t lik , doesn’t fit and pick up clothes that you will wear, do like and will wear! 

Re-purpose your clothes at a Centre Master Class Saturday 26th April 10-12. £5, book at reception.

Lostwithiel Rug Hookers - Long Room, Community Centre, every Tuesday 10.00am to 12.30pm. £1 per session. More info.

Ragged Edges - self help sewing group - every Thursday (except the last of the month) from 10-12ish in the Community Centre Cafe or Loft Bar. Cost is £1 plus donations for tea, coffee and biscuits. More info.

Woolly Wednesdays - 10 - 12 in the Community Centre (either in the Cafe or the Loft Bar), Woolly Wednesdays is about sharing skills, using resources, providing information and encouragement. More info



Gardeners Market was an amazing success, thanks to everyone who came along.

Lerryn School would like to extend more of their learning outside the classroom. Can you donate any if the following items:

  • Hosepipe
  • Old pipes
  • Guttering
  • Planks if treated wood
  • A few logs to use for seating and or building blocks
  • Small paving bricks (not heavy ones)
  • Crates or anything that can be stacked

Any items gratefully received. If you have anything and are not sure if its suitable please contact the school to speak with Mathew Blunt on 01208 872620 or visit

Philiknits - stage 1 - A new project to make delicious knitted items to sell for the Typhoon Appeal. Bring any wool you would like to donate to 2 Quay Street, where there will be a collection point and register your interest if you would like to help with the knitting. Look out for stage 2 .. the Lostwithiel special designs!

Lostwithiel's version of Freecycle... New wanted/ offers/ free to good home notice board at the Lostwithiel Community Centre - now available.

Bus timetable for all of Lostwithiel bus routes