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Transition Lostwithiel


LostwithielClimate change and increasing energy costs will alter our way of life - how we work, shop, travel and live will need to adapt.

Transition Lostwithiel is about using our own creativity and talent to build a closer and more resilient community for everyone to enjoy. It's about making a transition from an unsustainable way of life to a sustainable one.



Check our donations page for what we've suported recently.

Gardeners Market next year: 8th April 2017



For almost 10 years now, articles have been written by Transition Lostwithiel to inform, request and generally keep local people up to date on anything which would be sustainable or for the good for the environment, and generally interesting.

Time has moved on - and so have some of those involved in Transition Lostwithiel all those years ago when it became the 16th Town in the world to have a Transition group. Many projects and events have been organised and much information shared during that time….. but without new people getting involved it’s time to move on.

Transition Lostwithiel will keep its website and also the Plant Swap, but will not continue with the usual articles … unless anyone would like to take this over.

For more information and to see how you could help please get in touch